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Estatic Fear new album 2010. [updated October 23 2009]

Here I'm going to post all updates from Matthias Kogler, heart and mind of Estatic Fear.

The latest epic response from Matthias - from this message Estatic Fear fans can learn about his personality and sense of humor :)
Hello Anton !
Thanks for your mail – as you might have already been told my replies usually take some time
(hope you didn´t think I have forgotten about you...)
I feel deeply honored by your message and all the effort you guys put into my music (great bunch of
questions by the way)
Been quite a while since I heard from Leonid – hope he is doing well !
Your collection of those 'rumours' is quite accurate actually.
I always felt that someone is watching me – seems to be no longer some mad superstition
(you are not the elderly guy who is watching me at the bus station by any chance ?)
Your list of bands has been a source of delight as well – quite some interesting bands you´ve got
there. Though I knew a few of them before some where new to me – will have to do a quick search
on piratebay for them (just kidding – I meant ebay of course – the similarity of names sometimes
makes me mix them up....)
But seriously – concerning what you mentioned at the end of your mail:
You are right that recording music does cost quite a bit of money (the musicans, the studio and all
the rest got to be paid for), BUT:
If some fan of my music decides that he´d rather download some specific mp3 just for the reason
that he either doesn´t want to buy the whole album or (as you mentioned) just hasn´t got the
possibility to buy it in a local store that´s fine with me.
If he likes it he can always choose to buy it at a later time or just continue to listen to his mp3 on the
computer – what matters most is that music is listend to !
(Of course - if I depended on the money I earn with my music for a living my point of view might
be a bit different...)
Let´s get to a few questions from the community:

What do you think about modern metal scene, especially doom and gothic-doom metal scene:
As a matter of fact I have to admit that at the moment I am not as much in touch with the scene as I
used to be (that will change however – soon I hope to have more time at hand to spend on all that
stuff I used to enjoy so much and still do !)
There seems to be a kind of revival of the doom scene in the last couple of years and some
promising and interesting developments in the gothic scene as well.
Though I originated from the death metal scene I remember quite well when all the different metal /
rock / whatever scenes where kind of united and you you could see lots of different groups of
people joined at a festival or party – I think we´re heading towards a similar situation again – and I
´d like that very much (it´s simply a big world with a lot of ideas and thoughts and wherever
differences meet 'creativity' is bound to happen...)

What are your musical preferences (favourite bands, musicians,composers)
Always one of the most difficult questions to answer – name one and forget two...
I´ve always been quite a bit into 'classic' music (baroque music has always been one of my favorite
– but there are simply too many styles and musical masterpieces leaving you breathless after you
listened to them wondering 'why the hell didn´t I know about the composer/band before ?')For example: the last three songs I have been listening to where a guitar arrangement of an
O´ Carolan song, a part of the soundtrack of the movie clockwork orange and (I have to admit – not
a typical doom/gothic song) 'Love Me Forever' by Motörhead.

Where do you get ideas for your creative work? How do you catch your inspiration?
I like to 'celebrate' those moments of creativity. In my experience there are always numerous
'possibilities' to get distracted when actually you´d rather stick to the thought or emotion you´d like
to work with in this very moment.
So for me there needs to be a certain kind of ritual which serves as a 'signal' mainly for yourself,
meaning: thatthat moment is for me alone – no pressure to 'produce' but only a kind of empty space
which may or may not be filled by whatever may evolve from that unique moment.
I very much enjoy a cup of tee (good quality), turn of my handy (get rid of all those preasure of the
outside world), sometimes take a walk instead.
I prefer the night when I do so, as it has always been a moment of peace and serenity for me.

Can you share us a little with your personal information? Your age, job, etc. The only things
we know about you are your name and address

If it´s all the same to you I´d rather keep my job to myself – let´s just say I am in the
'communication' business and have to travel quite a bit at the moment. (work, work, work – guess
everyone knows that feeling...)
I like to do various sports, reading and music (what a surprise !) and very much enjoy (even if free
time is scarce at the moment) going to a concert or having a drink or two with friends.

… I would like to ask Matthias concerning his favorite performers and composers - that is,
what songs/musical genres/composers his heavenly music was inspired by. I assume his lute
parts are rooted in the Austrian folk music (afaik, the 'Intro' piece from "A Sombre Dance" is
actually a rendition of a folk lute song).

As a matter of fact the intro piece on A Sombre Dance was created during an afternoon while I was
having a coffe with my parents.
My father was a guitar / lute teacher at that moment and it sort of 'just happend' without our
intention to compose anything at that very moment.
But I guess you´re right with your assumption about parts of my music rooting in the austrian folk
music. Talking about the austrian 'traditional' folk music – there is (like everywhere I think) – quite
an assortment of treasure if you are willing to dig deep enough – it´s just a matter of getting past the
point where folk has been deformed by commercial interests...
A girlfriend of mine performed in piece originally composed by Franz Schubert just about a week
ago – that was an example of a quite inspiring moment....

What about his keyboard parts and orchestrations? For example, many Haggard's songs are
based on Rakhmaninov's masterpieces.

And true masterpieces they are – you are right there ! (both of them)
As a matter of fact I really just can´t tell you where my main influnces come from – it might be
from a certain classic arrangement I listend the day before or from such trivial influences like a
melodie a heard at the shopping mall an hour ago.
I remeber working on song once and getting quite irritated about a dripping faucet in the kitchen –
but after a while I recognized a certain pattern behind it (or probably thought to recognize one) and
a certain way it interacted with the existing arrangement both in a rhythmic and melodious way – it
´s just that I´ve always had difficulties in telling exactly which things or teachings defined the way I
create and compose music (probably because I fear that naming one would kind of limit me) ....

And BTW, I'm craving to hear Claudia's voice again. Did she record anything for any other
projects? Will we hear her on EF's forthcoming release?

(the same goes for the second question about Claudia)
It´s a pitty – but I have to admit that I haven´t had any contact to her in years – so I am actually no
quite sure if the person you mentioned is the one who sang on the album.
I remeber that working with her was a very joyful experience and that I too enjoyed her voice ver
I will take this as a reminder to try to get in contact with her again – I am sure she´ll be more than
pleased by your compliments!

Another thing, did he ever consider recording collaboration projects with other metal
performers (more famous than Hrossharsgrani)? This could help him to become more
promoted in the gothic/doom/symphonic metal market. Perhaps, he could get together with
Haggard, Orphaned Land or Loreena McKennitt - all these bands are known enough and
have certain common traits with Matthias's music (they even use lutes intensively).
Loreena McKennitt's "Skellig" sounds pretty much like "Chapter I" from "A Sombre

Sounds like a great idea – at the moment (that will change however) working with others (especially
from different countries) would be quite difficult as I simply just don´t have the time to spend a
week or so for a recording session (and I think there are some things which need to be done in
person and not via the computer / web) – But I´ll keep that idea in mind !
And talking about the similarities you mentioned – You got a point there ! I am quite strict
(sometimes to the point of paranoia) to avoid sounding like material already existing but I have to
admit there are certain similarities (but be assured: not intentional !).
That girl got a beautiful voice!

Where did Matthias get his brilliant musical education? Where did he study medieval poetry
and literature?

Never had any actual musical education – but I come from a quite musical family (I just liked to
spend huge amounts of time in front of the guitar, lute, piano,....)
And considering poetry and literature: It´s not mainly something which is got to be learned or
studied (although I very much respect people who do !) but it´s about reading it, tasting it´s essence
and experiencing it.

Many fans also asked about Mattias's system of believes (religion), if any
none – I respect those that show respect to me favourite books, At the moment (just reading it again)
Richard Sennett - The Corrosion of Character

the places of Earth Matthias wants to visit
every single one of them

the famous people he would like to meet in person (e.g. Shakespeare, W. A. Mozart,

quite an assortment of persons you´ve got there – but (might sound a bit trivial) I´d prefer joining
with fan and fellow member of the community for a drink and good discussion anytime.

favourite bands, sports, musical instruments, favourite color, preferred clothing style
Too many bands to name (but the first band / music I ever listend to was morbid angel)

Instrument: I guess the most fascinationg 'instrument' is the human voice

Color: Black, because I am an evil member of the dark scene – no, seriously: I guess it´s really

Clothing: Whatever comes my way and 'fits' the situation

attitudes to the gothic, death and black subcultures
Nothing against any of them. I started in the death metal scene and learned to respect all of them.
As long as they remember what it´s all about – freedom and the right to be yourself !
Meaning also to respect others and their ways (as long as they show respect to you)

favourite painters + paintings, actors + movies
Holbein (one of many)
I have to admit that I am not that much into movies

favourite food
meat (mostly grilled) and a cold beer (hey – I am austrian...)

favourite animal
Raven (as a symbol for knowledge) and predatory creatures

whether he's married and has children, how old he is
Married: no (and no children I know of...)

where Matthias traveled outside of Austria
All over Europe (I guess nearly everywhere), greece, england, australia – hell, many more places I
´ve been to (and still a lot to go !)

his attitude to the EU and globalization, his attitude to wars and authoritarian governments
At the beginning I took a rather critical view of the EU but over time my approach changed. There is still a long way to go but after all the EU started as an instrument to guarantee peace in europe with the idea that people talking (probably doing business together) will not start fighting each other – and after a while I started to understand the importance of that idea. Globalization is actually something which we can and will benefit from – as soon as we start to understand that it´s not some abstract systems we have to work for in oder to keep them going but rather that those structures and systems have to be of benefit for us (and that they and their 'fundamental' rules can and must be changed sometimes !)
War has been named to be the mother/father of all inventions and most of the developments and it is said that we need war in order to rebuild and growth as well – never has there been an idea so wrong !
It would be quite the same as if one would willingly submit to an addiction because of the benefit he would get fighting it off again.
The same as if one would repeatedly hit himself on the head with a rock only because of the 'joy' he would feel as soon as he stoped again. The idea to cause damage to a structure as a necessity for improvement is just absurd.

Hope I have not forgotten any of your questions.
Wish you all the best !



In Jan 2008 Matthias Kogler sent the following message to an Estatic Fear fan from Russia:
hello my friend !

long time no see - glad to hear from you again !
still in the army you say, still fighting for the glory of some great cause
(well - i remember my time - not much glory to be found there but only
boredom and a LOT to drink...)
but being free again makes one forget about all this - youґll gonna enjoy it
! (i hear summer calling...)

you mentioned some problems with the army - hope not too serious ones (but
you sure can handle them - no concerns there !)

concerning the song
["Sechster Schattenzyklus" and "Wenn Winters Sang und Klang" from Hrossharsgrani's Schattenkrieger which Matthias composed for his fellow Austrian musicians]:
i wrote that song some time ago for a guy i know (the owner of the studio
who released to album) - i am not completely happy with the output (was all
done in quite a hurry) but what the heck...

and concerning the new (...) album: donґt make me remind myself about the
fact that itґs still unreleased
(Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet !)

greetings from the rather warm but rainy (i admit - i long for some summer
right now) austria,


BTW, you can order both Estatic Fear's CDs here:

Later on (Feb 23 2008)
I have enough material for a new album (as a matter of fact enough for two)
and i intend to release it during this year
(just donґt know exactly when iґll find sufficient time to record it)


The latest update was received by Azatot around Jun 28 2008:
By the way, a couple of days ago I got a response from Mattias. He wrote that work over the album was in progress: the material was being elaborated; recording and related work was scheduled for autumn [2008]. However, he mentioned that he (as well as other band participants) had jobs and some other tasks to do. This is why album recording might be procrustinated for a rather significant period. But he was hoping to release the album by summer 2009. So, the only thing we can do now is to wait.
(originally posted in Russian at

Another Estatic Fear fan who was in touch with Mattias via email around 2006 confirmed that he recognized Matthias's stylistics in these messages.

Since then... total silence, but who minds waiting when there is a hope?

If anyone wants to send a message of adoration and respect to Mattias</strong>

Many thanks to Azatot aka Leonid S.

PS: What is Estatic Fear? Estatic Fear is a Miracle. Matthias is a new Mozart:

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