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ORwarriOR is being born *updated Dec 20 2009*

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Dec. 3rd, 2009 | 12:45 pm


"The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR" pre-order is available

ORwarriOR CD covers:

Regular edition:

Special edition (includes DVD):
More details about the DVD: www.aheavenyoumaycreate.com/

The "Sapari" single out now!

Sapari lyrics:

סַפְּרִי תַמָּה תְמִימָה סַפְּרִי נָגִיל בְּתֵימָא
בַּת מְלָכִים הַחֲכָמָה אָן מְקוֹמֵךְ סַפְּרִי לִי
עָנְתָה יוֹנָה סְעַדְיָה לִי בְּפַלְטֵרִין עֲלִיָּה
וַאֲנִי תּוֹךְ לֵב אֳנִיָּה בַּיְּפִי עוֹטָה מְעִילִי

[Sapari tama temima sapari nagil beteima
bat melokhim hakhahoma on mekomekh sapari li
anta yona se-adya li befaletrin aliyah
va'ani tokh lev aniyah beyofi ota me'ili]

It soared from the ark the dove within me
It sings forever, it flies free
I call to thee my torch in darkness, thou art born
Ornaments of gold shine so bright
You are the way, you are the light
I dwell in this my shelter and thy birth do I foresee

Source: www.orphaned-disciples.org/site/lang/en/2009/12/01/cover-artwork-of-orwarrior/

ORwarriOR's official trailer:

My musical analysis of the trailer:
0:00-0:20 - Shlomit's (Ofra Hamza's) beautiful Zur Menati (intro) plus Amasefferish atmospheric effects;
0:20-0:29 - "From Broken Vessels", guitar and keys and vocals sound 100% like Steven Wilson's stuff;
0:29-0:44 - Mabool is back;
0:44-1:03 - Mabool is really back;
1:03-1:15 "From Broken Vessels" again;
1:15-1:43 - the richest rendition of "Sapari" featuring wonderful Shlomit's voice and Arabic violin.

Part I: Godfrey's Cordial – An ORphan's Life

"The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR" track list:

01. Sapari
02. From Broken Vessels
03. Bereft In The Abyss
04. The Path Part 1 – Treading Through Darkness
05. The Path Part 2 – The Pilgrimage To Or Shalem
06. Olat Ha'tamid

Part II: Lips Acquire stains – The WarriOR Awakens

07. The Warrior
08. His Leaf Shall Not Wither
09. Disciples Of The Sacred Oath II
10. New Jerusalem
11. Vayehi Or
12. M I ?

Part III: Barakah – Enlightening The Cimmerian

13. Barakah
14. Codeword: uprising
15. In Thy Never Ending Way (Epilogue)

-> ORwarriOR release date available: http://www.orphaned-disciples.org/site/lang/en/2009/11/12/lifting-the-veil-off-orwarrior/ Many thanks to Morticia aka Nathalie ;) <-

That's January 25 2010 in Europe, January 27 in Japan, February 9 in the US.

-> The album will be released with a DVD. The DVD will feature exclusive videos from ORwarriOR studio sessions!
-> Release of the album will be delayed until Christmas 2009 - January 2010.

A big and inspiring recent interview with Orphaned Land's Kobi Farhi here:

Many thanks to the Orphaned Disciples fan club and personally to Nathalie.

-> Orphaned Land pictures from studio on FaceBook:
-> ORwarriOR will evidently feature a Turkish rock'n'roll star Erkin Koray.

ORwarriOR Intro ("Baraka"?) teaser:

Latest updates from Orphaned Land:
According to interviews wih Kobi Farhi (http://www.orphaned-disciples.org/site/):

-> The album will contain around 15 songs (79 minutes).
-> The album's artwork won't contain any photoshopped images.
-> The album's artwork will contain customly designed calligraphy in Arabic AND Hebrew.
-> On ORwarriOR Kobi Farhi will sing in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
-> Kobi Farhi's book "A Tango Between God and Satan" is almost ready. He may finish it in 2009-2010 tours. The release date in not known.

-> ORwarriOR's final mixes are (almost) ready (by mid August).
-> Several songs from the new material were performed live at Brutal Assault festival (06/08/09, Czech Republic).
-> Besides "Sapari" (see below) some of ORwarriOR songs' titles might be "Baraka" and "From Broken Vessels".
-> The album will also include a "follow-up" to a track previously released on "El Nora Alila: Deluxe edition" (2006) "Disciples of the Sacred Oath" - "Disciples of the Sacred Oath II". Kobi Farhi mentioned that this song is his favorite song on ORwarriOR.

(Source: http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/orphaned-land/505686-brutal-assault.html)

(efreisto to Dreamcell for this great OL logo animation!)

A great update from Orphaned Land

Updates from official band's forum

  • ORwarriOR-related recordings are going to be around 78 (!) minutes total.

  • Some rumours (a student of OL's drummer Avi Diamond) said the "Sapari" single may be released earlier, around August.

  • Orphaned Land is recording a cover of a Turkish song "Estarabim" (originally by Erkin Koray), but it will hardly be released on ORwarriOR due to large amount of material. The band often performed "Estarabim" at their concerts in Turkey.

  • Almost 40% of Kobi's vocals were recorded by May 2: mainly clean vocals, oriental chants and readings. Growling vocals will also be extensively used on ORwarriOR.

  • Abraham Salman (also featured on "Sahara" and "El Norra Alila") will play kannun on ORwarriOR.

  • Avi Diamond returned to the band to record drum parts for the album. Steven Wilson will play keyboards on the album.

  • The album will feature the Middle Eastern instruments of the saz, the oud, the bouzouki, the choombush (cumbus mandolin), Persian Santur and the oriental flutes Nay and Kawala, Shafor (ram horn, traditional in Judaism).

  • "ORwarriOR" will contain some traditional synagogue songs re-arranged by the band.

  • The album will feature several violinists playing in an Arabic manner.

  • "The warrior of light is each and every one of us, every listener of the album is the album's hero, you can say that there is in a way a sequence to Mabool, though ORwarriOR is far from being some kind of "Mabool vol 2", musically speaking." (Kobi Farhi)

  • By March 20, 2009 the band recorded: 95% drums, 95% guitars, 80% of the acoustic instruments (acoustic/classical guitars, saz, bouzouki, choombush). The sections to be recorded are the remainder of all of the above mentioned, violins and piano, percussions, qannun (oriental "gusli"), the vocals of Kobi Farhi, Yossi Sassi, and Shlomit Levi, and keyboards played by Steven Wilson, who also is in charge of mixing.

  • According to a March 29 update, the band recorded all drum, bass and guitar parts, classical piano parts (played by Avner Gavrieli, a friend of the band), and had recording sessions with Nazareth orchestra.

  • Ethnic percussion instruments to be used: darbukas, Pakistani percussions, castanets etc. Some percussion instruments will be performed by Avi Agababa.

  • "We wanted to cover Cohen's "First we take manhattan" on this recordings but we have too many songs to record now, so it is delayed. Covering the Cohen is something I'll do for sure someday." (Kobi Farhi)

  • In the past, Orphaned Land were considering covering "The Nomad" by Iron Maiden. They might record this cover one day.

  • On ORwarriOR Kobi will perform some song(s) in Arabic.


[edit] The meaning of the song "Sapari"

On March 9, 2009 Kobi Farhi mentioned on the band's official forum that:

  • "Sapari" was written in the 17th century by Sa'adia ben Amram, in Yemen.

  • The song is sung half in Hebrew, half in Yemenite.

  • The basic idea of the song is that the poet is having a dialog with his soul, "Sapari" means - "Tell me" in Hebrew.

  • The poet asks his inner spirit to tell him where "she" is while he is in Yemen, the soul answers that she is in the high heavens, inside the heart of a ship, wearing her coat of beauty, and the dialog goes on.

  • On a conceptual level of the new album - just as the poet meant, the warrior is having a dialog with his soul before coming into our darkend life.

  • "Sapari" will be the opener of the new album and the first single.


I was the one who put this info to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORWarriOR
But it was removed from Wiki - I guess they cannot refer to forums.

A small fragment from percussion recording sessions:

Fragments of the song "Sapari":

Live performance of "Sapari" (Tel-Aviv)

Live performance of "Estarabim":

Source: www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/orphaned-land/472194-orphaned-land-recording-orwarrior-diary-studio.html

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