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A small follow-up from Estatic Fear's Matthias Kogler

Well, in October 2011 I called Matthias Kogler on phone. A brief summary of what we talked about:

- Music. Different musical genres and the process of composing. He mentioned that besides as death/doom metal, neoclassics and folk he likes smooth ('very smooth') jazz. He also said that composing music "is like a dialogue, like communication". One of his ideas was to distribute some scores and drafts he composed among EF fan community to get some insights. Like some DJ did once, cooperating with the fans of his music in creating a new album. He was interested if I knew EF fans that play musical instruments, so I sent him all these links with videos of EF fans performing renditions of his songs (I've collected quite a bunch of those from YouTube).

He overall preferred to keep the talk absolutely unofficial and personal. Also, he was very enthusiastic and positive-minded in his voice, and extremely polite. Plus, he was humble, very humble about his musical giftedness.

- The fan community. He was surprised to have so many fans from literally everywhere: even in such remote lands as Syria, Iran, Israel, Vietnam, Turkey, Armenia, Belarus, etc. etc. etc. He said he wouldn't mind visiting Moscow to have some beers with the fans from the Russian-speaking EF community.

- Regarding what he had composed. He said he had a CD full of drafts - scores and stuff - on his table, but it seems he had prepared that quite a long time ago, and he was too busy to finish it and record it, occupied with his job in telecommunications. Also, he was prognosing he would have some time later, after he got promoted further in his company. Also, Matthias mentioned his old good metalhead friends and the metal community in Linz were encouraging him to "return on stage" by recording and releasing his new masterpieces. They also would help him with the studio and other 'technical' things. Besides, he mentioned that he's not that good at being a music production manager, so he probably needs someone to assist him with, say, the website and sales over Internet (after I mentioned some self-producing bands like Estatic Fear, Neun Welten and a German folk metal band).
Some time age he also made a serious academic step forward, which hopefully opened some new professional opportunities he was awaiting.

- Also, some fans from Iran and Vietnam (no kidding here, my greetings to Zaid and Nahuel) contacted him via email, I don't know if he responded to them, but I lost touch with Matthias since October. I think I was too pushy attempting to reach him, perhaps the Austrians prefer to be a bit more reserved than the Central Asian folks like myself, they don't respond to messages quickly and prefer to protect their privacy, plus Matthias mentioned that he's a bit old-fashioned, preferring not to spend too much time online, so perhaps he doesn't check his email often, and of course a dream come true for an EF fan is to interview Matthias on Skype. I added him there, but he never confirmed me as a contact, so perhaps I was bothering him way too much over the phone, please don't try to contact him more than once a month, unless you agree to have another talk on a specific day. Ah, the Austrians :)

So, since then a fan from Iran and a fan from Vietnam wrote him some emails with praise and questions (even, guess what, an invitation to Vietnam, wow), but he did not respond.

2014 update: the domain reservation is still active; nothing is heard from Matthias, for sure he's still very busy with his carreer. I found his recent photo, and he looks as cheerful as he sounded on the phone, he changed much during these 15 years since A Sombre Dance promo photos in 1999.

Generally, I hope he doesn't think I'm stalking him, all I'm interested in is his music, I absolutely respect his privacy and his occupation. This probably feels strange to be contacted by some random people from distant exotic lands like Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Iran and Vietnam regarding some albums you released 15 years before :)

Tags: a sombre dance, estatic fear, matthias kogler interview, somnium obmutum, symphonic doom

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