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A small follow-up from Estatic Fear's Matthias Kogler

Jul. 17th, 2012 | 12:49 pm


Well, in October 2011 I called Matthias Kogler on phone. A brief summary of what we talked about:

- Music. Different musical genres and the process of composing. He mentioned that besides as death/doom metal, neoclassics and folk he likes smooth ('very smooth') jazz. He also said that composing music "is like a dialogue, like communication". One of his ideas was to distribute some scores and drafts he composed among EF fan community to get some insights. Like some DJ did once, cooperating with the fans of his music in creating a new album. He was interested if I knew EF fans that play musical instruments, so I sent him all these links with videos of EF fans performing renditions of his songs (I've collected quite a bunch of those from YouTube).

He overall preferred to keep the talk absolutely unofficial and personal. Also, he was very enthusiastic and positive-minded in his voice, and extremely polite. Plus, he was humble, very humble about his musical giftedness.

- The fan community. He was surprised to have so many fans from literally everywhere: even in such remote lands as Syria, Iran, Israel, Vietnam, Turkey, Armenia, Belarus, etc. etc. etc. He said he wouldn't mind visiting Moscow to have some beers with the fans from the Russian-speaking EF community.

- Regarding what he had composed. He said he had a CD full of drafts - scores and stuff - on his table, but it seems he had prepared that quite a long time ago, and he was too busy to finish it and record it, occupied with his job in telecommunications. Also, he was prognosing he would have some time later, after he got promoted further in his company. Also, Matthias mentioned his old good metalhead friends and the metal community in Linz were encouraging him to "return on stage" by recording and releasing his new masterpieces. They also would help him with the studio and other 'technical' things. Besides, he mentioned that he's not that good at being a music production manager, so he probably needs someone to assist him with, say, the estatic-fear.com website and sales over Internet (after I mentioned some self-producing bands like Estatic Fear, Neun Welten and a German folk metal band).
Some time age he also made a serious academic step forward, which hopefully opened some new professional opportunities he was awaiting.

- Also, some fans from Iran and Vietnam (no kidding here, my greetings to Zaid and Nahuel) contacted him via email, I don't know if he responded to them, but I lost touch with Matthias since October. I think I was too pushy attempting to reach him, perhaps the Austrians prefer to be a bit more reserved than the Central Asian folks like myself, they don't respond to messages quickly and prefer to protect their privacy, plus Matthias mentioned that he's a bit old-fashioned, preferring not to spend too much time online, so perhaps he doesn't check his email often, and of course a dream come true for an EF fan is to interview Matthias on Skype. I added him there, but he never confirmed me as a contact, so perhaps I was bothering him way too much over the phone, please don't try to contact him more than once a month, unless you agree to have another talk on a specific day. Ah, the Austrians :)

So, since then a fan from Iran and a fan from Vietnam wrote him some emails with praise and questions (even, guess what, an invitation to Vietnam, wow), but he did not respond.

2014 update: the http://estatic-fear.com domain reservation is still active; nothing is heard from Matthias, for sure he's still very busy with his carreer. I found his recent photo, and he looks as cheerful as he sounded on the phone, he changed much during these 15 years since A Sombre Dance promo photos in 1999.

Generally, I hope he doesn't think I'm stalking him, all I'm interested in is his music, I absolutely respect his privacy and his occupation. This probably feels strange to be contacted by some random people from distant exotic lands like Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Iran and Vietnam regarding some albums you released 15 years before :)

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[October 20 2011] Another message from Mattias Kogler (composer of Estatic Fear)

Oct. 22nd, 2011 | 11:25 pm

Estatic Fear is alive, and another album is projected to be released one day. Not too soon though.
The latest message from Estatic Fear's Matthais Kogler:

Hello !

No problem - Your calls are welcome but you are right - at the moment I am quite busy with work (will get better - i hope)

concerning the questions:
1. prefered music style:
still quite a bit of metal, classic stuff, a little bit of jazz (but iґm rather into the slow, smooth side)
and yes - iґd still do some of the stuff you mentioned (just because i am a well organized, functional, hard-working and whatever person during the day and i still treasure those feelings of my different side)
[about the planned release]
and the miracle is actually lying right in front of me (or parts of it on a disc, but you know - time is something i have not as much as iґd like at the moment...)

2. [about possibility of collaborations with musicians who played with Haggard] sounds interesting - we are not at this stage yet but iґll keep that in mind (and thanks a lot for the offer) - you mentioned something about some covers in the web somewhere - any links ?

3. [spreading or selling Estatic Fear scores and notes] on my TO-DO list for quite some time yet - I hope iґll be able to get some scores released soon (but to be quite frank - iґd be more interested in interpretations and variations of the stuff)

4. [on Claudia Schoftner from A Sombre Dance singing funk] Claudia used to sing with a Microphone (if I remember correctly she had her own with her) and concerning the statue [Somnium Obmutum album art]: some dumbass smashed it about a week after the release of the album (never got hold of the one who did it - lucky him / her) - it used to be in old castle atop of linz, my place of origin

hope you are well !

wish you and my Russian friends all the best !

Additionally, I talked with him on phone on various subjects including his release plans, music industry etc. More info coming soon.

The reason keeping Matthias from releasing new masterpieces he composed is not money - in fact there is no need for fans' financial support of recording and releasing. The obstacle is the lack of time, as Matthias is absolutely consumed with his career.

PS: my latest messages to Matthias - to make it clear what this message is about

Pardon for bombing you with phone calls, you are probably busy with work these days.
I hope I did not annoy you - the Russian-speaking fan community is boiling with questions they would like to ask you and praise to your music.

For example, what are your preferred musical genres now, would you still record neoclassical doom/death metal? Or anything else, anything different? In either case, one of the fans commented that no matter what you play, a new release from you will be perceived as a miracle.

Another question is about guest musicians you would like to invite for recording. For example, there are many symphonic musicians who played with Haggard, who you could reach via Internet.

Yet another question is about Somnium Obmutum and A Sombre Dance scores, if you can share or sell them. And besides, if you could share some drafts/notes/samples of your new creations.

Finally, did Claudia Schoftner really sing funk with Mirkophonics and where is the statue from Somnium Obmutum cover art located?

and the latest one I sent him

I'm spreading the info that you are planning to resurface in the scene some day in the future among various Estatic Fear communities, and I could try to create a centralized open and semi-official Estatic Fear forum on Ultimate Metal - for spreading the news and forming a centralized international EF community, what do you think?

Internet is such a great mean to get musicians together. Like, one of the fans - Zaid from Iran - even managed to find flutist Franz Hageneder on FaceBook - we sent him our appreciation for contributing to your album.

Some other - brilliant and authentic - musicians who might fit your music are, for example, Luc Arbogast (belle canto and Irish bouzouki, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cbg5nz1knU and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dAaAL4cAOQ) and Yasmeen Amin Olya (mezzo-soprano and harp, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW5DIDlr2FY)

BTW, some of the bands and genres I'm into are (rather chaotically) listed here:

I'm also into funk, and I have Claudia's recordings with Mirkophonics ;)
Here they are: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N8JUSS4N

It's a pity to hear that statue got smashed... Overall, I'm so shocked that in German Oldenburg and Hamburg some ancient buildings and statues are vandalized with ugly graffitti tags. Oh, the youth, the ruthless youth with their short-sited consumerist values spread over mass-media...

Ok, so, here you go, Estatic Fear covers I found:

EF variations with keyboard by a Spanish guy:

Belarusian guy playing pieces of Somnium Obmutum and A Sombre Dance

Chapter VII, a guy from Viet Nam

Des Nachtens Suss's Gedone, same guys from Viet Nam

Chapter I, same guy from Viet Nam

Chapter VII, a guy from Mexico

Des Nachtens Suss's Gedone, another guy from Viet Nam

Chapter VII, the second guy from Viet Nam

Chapter I, vocal cover a capella by a girl from Romania

Chapter IV, a Turkish guy

Somnium Obmutum, another Turkish guy

Des Nachtens Suss's Gedone, наш

Des Nachtens Suss's Gedone, a Russian guy

Chapter IX, a Russian guy

Intro, an Algerian guy

Des Nachtens Suss's Gedone, a little Bosnian kid :)

Des Nachtens Suss's Gedone, a guy from Estonia

Des Nachtens Suss's Gedone, another guy from Mexico

Des Nachtens Suss's Gedone, third guy from Viet Nam

Des Nachtens Suss's Gedona, another guy from Russia

Chapter VII, a guy from Albania

Chapter I, vocal cover by a girl from Viet Nam

A cover by Moroccan guy; he added his own lyrics ;)

A girl from Mexico headbanging to one of the chapters :)

A low-quality recording of a ghostly cover by a German girl:

A guy from UK performing some fragments

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If you like Liquid Tension Experiment you will also like...

Sep. 15th, 2010 | 07:31 pm

Canvas Solaris
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Derek Sherinian solo projects
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Gordian Knot
The Explorers Club instrumentals
Dream Theater instrumentals
Levin Bozzio Stevens
Steve Morse
Dixie Dregs
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Billy Sheehan solo projects
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Sleep Terror as well.

An Endless Sporadic

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(no subject)

Jul. 19th, 2010 | 01:44 am

rutracker.org > soulseek > torrentz.com > eMule >  > what.cd > waffles

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If you like ApocalypticA you may also like... [cello rock, cello metal etc.]

Jul. 18th, 2010 | 12:03 pm

+ перечень годной струнно-смычковой музыки в духе Apocalyptica и в смежных жанрах. * = рекомендовано к прослушиванию
The 440 Alliance
Alamaailman Vasarat (ambient, neoclassical, experimental)*
Cello Fury (a really good Apo clone)***
David Garett (electric rock violin)**
Adam Hurst
Wolfram Huschke
Eicca Toppinen "Musta Jaa"****
Break of Reality (a great Apo clone)***
The Cargo Cult Revival
Cellofourte (yet another great Apo clone)**
The Angry String Orchestra (symphonic Metallica covers)**
Scorched Earth Orchestra (symphonic Metallica covers)*
Clawed Forehead
Edith Grove
Hevein (Max Lilja's band)*
Hyperion (one more good Apo clone)**
Johnny Hollow
Judgement Day (another excellent Apo clone)**
Ken Oak Band
Matson Jones
Murder by Death
The Stiletto Formal
Von Cello
Kamelot "Ghost Opera"
Jelonek (electric vioiln)*
Deep Trip
Altan Urag (Mongolian ethnic rock)***
Amber Asylum (neoclassical, ethereal)***
Chamber Of Sorrows (neoclassical, dark ambient)**
Emilie Autumn (Electric violin. Recommended album: Laced | Unlaced)**
The Bass Gang (all contrabass band)***
Inflagranti (Czech electric cello+violin trio, some songs are pop, some are nice)*
The Cello Acoustics (really great neoclassical)***
Primitivity (a good Apo clone)***
Vespercellos (an exellent Apo clone)***
Martin Tillman
Marston Smith
Zoe Keating (16-32 electric cellos in one, experimental)
Arrythmia (a good Apo clone)**
Rockoko (another superb Apo clone)****
The Piano Guys (neoclassical/cello funk)***

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(no subject)

Jun. 2nd, 2010 | 12:18 am

Catholic Christian metal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsSpzazpTZ4
Ortodox Christian metal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gFWFrM1FQU
Jewish metal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHDFFH4lY9s
Muslim metal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYG9JR81qPc
Hindu metal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHDFFH4lY9s
Capuchin metal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ap3sIaLNYM
Buddhist metal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAgNBKB1W9A
Christian black metal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGwxWj_qQow
Christian deathcore etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir-oi0SYoDI

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Психоделический политеизм.

Mar. 17th, 2010 | 01:15 am

Мой древний психоделически-политеистический креатив:

Ведь всем известно, что Аллах ниспослал нам Сына своего Ийсуса, порождённого богиней Аматерасу, дабы убереглись мы от Потопа, насланного Молохом в наказание Прометею, и дабы познавали мы посредством рун Одина, изложенных в Книге Мёртвых Анубиса, сознание Кришну и созерцательность Будды, возносясь на следующем повороте колеса Сан-Сары, вращамого всезнающими Пифиями, в полный гурий Асгард, где Перун ждёт Армагеддон, ниспосылаемый Шивой после трубного сигнала Хеймдалля каждый 52-летний цикл, отмеряемый ударами молота Тора по Чёрному камню Каабы, упавшему на грудь земли-Геи пылающим Люцифером, которого хитрый Локи свалил с Олимпа, вступив в сговор с радостьнесущим Вакхом, который проиграл Сому асам в скачках по лабиринтам Тоналя, соревнуясь с небесными колесницами Ра и Гелиоса, созданными Вишну из древесины священного ясеня Игдрассиля на заре времён, когда Сварог соблазнил Еву амброзией, добытой из воды, выбитой посохом Магомета из философского камня в астральной проекции Елисейских полей, ещё до того, как воинственный Уитцилопчтли начал жихад-Рагнарок, мстя за Европу, похищенную Бальдором и унесённую им в Нагваль по приказу Хана-Тенгри, за тёмную реку Стикс, в которой под единственным мостом Бельфростом обитает чудовищный Левиафан, эфриты и йотунги, выселившие гогов и магогов в царство Аида, посрамив властелина их Куберу, рождённого Лилит от Посейдона и вскормленного молоком Аудумлы, которая родилась из головы Зевса после восстания Ракшасов, спровоцированного Иудой, одержимым доминионом Сета, привлечённого из Астрала гласом Маримбы, испугавшейся победы Гидры над Ктулху...

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Age Of Decadence RPG preview.

Mar. 14th, 2010 | 04:03 pm

Age Of Decadence: The New Classics Of Genre!
game release expected in the 2nd half of 2010


Information in this preview comes from the game's forum at
and from my experience playing the game's Combat Demo v.3.1


Graphics: "A". just as much 3D as necessary, plus very flexible camera control. Plenty of smoothest landscape details and atmospheric animations, e.g. trees swaying in the wind; NPCs scratching; gladiator arena auditory bursting into roar after spectacular strikes etc.

"A". plenty of smallest graphical and story/dialog details creating total immersion into the Age of Decadence. Dialogs include endless cultural and historical references. Weaponry and armor looks is designed in a non-trivial way, again with cultural references.

Combat system:
"A". turn-based: better than Fallout 2. Involves even more tactics than F2 - e.g. the biggest an the most expensive weapon is not necessarily the best in any situations; any enemy has unique vulnerabilities and advantages which your AoD alter-ego needs to meet through char dev system or suffer a bitter defeat.

Character creation and development opportunities: "A". very versatile: no "dump" stats at all; social skills are as much useful as combat skills; unlike many other famous RPG raising a Jack-of-all-trades is hardly possible; the system allows creating various surviving character "builds" following totally different tactics of handling game situations.

Unlike classes and backgrounds in some other RPGs in AoD character backgrounds do not influence anything but your initial reputation with different guilds and houses and your role in the starting story about the merchant and the ancient map (see the
http://www.irontowerstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic,149.0.html AoD forum thread for details).
In AoD everything is flexible - you can raise a monstrous murderer Loremaster/Grifter/Merchant or a limp wealthy and sociable Mercenary/Assassin/Knight.

Additionally, like in RPG classics (e.g. WIzardry series) starting inventory will vary according to created character's specializations:
A character with a high sword/axe/spear/hammer/dagger/throwing/bow/crossbow skill gets a corresponding weapon; a character with high alchemy or crafting gets corresponding alchemy or crafting items; a character with high block skill gets a shield; a character with high dodging skill gets a dodge scroll which can be exchanged for another scroll increasing the skill further etc.

Also, a Loremaster (or a Merchant) gets some corresponding status clothes, while a Mercenary get an Auxillary Armor (bronze) at the beginning; an assassin gets a rope for climbing buildings and a corresponding light armor etc.

Enemy AI: "A" - enemies never behave stupid, instantly getting adjusted to any player's actions. Combat difficulty is rather high, so you cannot turn your character into a total enemy mower by the middle of the game, maintaining combat suspense until your reach one of many game's endings. At the same time, you can trick the AI with elaborated tactics.

Sound and music: "B+" - truly great for an indie game (esp. atmospheric sounds). Tho I think it would be great to render music with higher quality realistic instrument samples.

pretty subjectively

AoD will feature many old-school text adventures, which are basically stat or skill checks allowing you to resolve situations in a variety of ways. For example, when you encounter a locked door in AoD, you may have the following *sic* 6+ options:
- Bruteforce the door (strength check);
- Unlock the door (picklock skill check);
- Craft a key for the door (crafting check);
- Blow the door up with a bomb (using alchemy skill to create a powerful enough bomb first);
- Destroy the lock with acid (using alchemy skill to brew a potent enough acid first);
- Go and get the key from an NPC, which hypotheticall may include following options:
                                  - Bribe the NPC;
                                  - Threaten the NPC;
                                  - Steal the key;
                                  - Persuade the NPC;
                                  - Refer to an authority to impress the NPC;
                                  - Kill the NPC.

No magic setting. Tho technology is present - crafting and alchemy, poisons, bombs, flying fortress (
http://www.irontowerstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic,258.0.html) etc. Additionally, hypnosis and creatures from alternative plains, the Abyss and certain futuristic technologies are present.

No character classes and related bonuses. The game has a great skill-based system instead. Some form of perks might be present, e.g. you get some special trait if one of your starting stats is equal to 10, but that is going to make your other stats rather low as there is no way to increase your starting stats in AoD. Nothing like Fallout's perks nor Arcanum's backgrounds nor mage/tech abilities nor Planescape's tattoos nor Knights Of Chalice's feats will be available. Tho, getting special training with some skills from NPCs will be available or from special scrolls/books will be there. Additionally, the reputation your character acquired with different fractions in the game is very essential; your character can also get some custom statuses opening new opportunities in the game. For example, if your character is known as a victorious fighter in numerous battles, some NPCs will fear to attack her.

What I adored about Age Of Decadence true indie RPG is:

+ A versatile and fast character development system.

+ A highly non-linear storyline and developers' "environmental" approach to creating the setting: any actions in the game will have consequences. For example, killing an NPC will always have ssignificant outcomes in the local society, guild or house.

+ Experience analogue (Skill Points) can be gained equally well from combats and quests. Thus, the game can be played successfully with a completely non-combat character following predominantly the ways of peace.

+ Developers' unique approach to weapon mastery skills, weaponry and armor characteristics, weapon crafting and weapon use.

+ Strongest sense of atmosphere in the game.

+ AP-based combats involving plenty of tactics development opportunities.

+ Wonderfully old-school graphics without all these unnecessary commercial 3D effects like in Fallout 3.

+ An outstanding non-combat skills system.

+ Diversity of character archetypes and ways of development and playthroughs.

+ A flexible and rich storyline announced.

+ Developers' openness to adding new features suggested by the game's fans.

+ A dialogue/choice situation available in AoD combat demo beta 3.1 allowed as many as 5 (!) options on how to resolve a situation:
Flee, fight, threat, bribe, refer to an authority.
For example, all-time classics Planescape: Torment normally allows 3.

+ Developers dedicated much time and effort to balancing the game and the combat system.

+ Creating a realistic feel about the setting and gameplay is another one of developers' priorities.


Age Of Decadence FAQs

Much useful information on character creating in the game

The starting story

Essential information on AoD's character development system (many thanks to Dragatus):

- "On average players can expect 600 skill points per character and 800 is for overachievers. I'm unsure whether he meant that with or without the Intelligence bonus, but I'm assuming without. So a Loremaster with 10 INT could expect 840 skill points. 240 for Lore would leave you 600 to spend on other skills and that would easily allow for 100 points in a weapon and 200 in Dodge/Block, while still leaving you with 300 points to spend on things like Persuade and Streetwise.

The main problem is that if you had 10 INT your other attributes would be 6 on average, which isn't very impressive."

- For example, the Etiquette skill will be most useful for entering the houses of nobility and interacting with them. The skill alone will not be enough - to be successful in impressing the nobles you will also need high enough Charisma, other social skills (e.g. Streetwise) and a corresponding expensively looking outfit (both clothes and rings/jewerly).

- The Crafting skill will allow you to forge new weapons from ore and to upgrade your armor and weapons in different ways:

- On two weapon fighting:
the main reason to use a 1-handed weapon is the opportunity to use a shield, therefore it's best for builds focused on defense, while offense-oriented builds would benefit more from 2-handed weapons. Also, when you put multiple blows with a 1-handed weapons you loose more because of enemy's armor's damage resistance then when you put few blows with 2-handed ones.

Finally, different opponents in the demo require different tactics, so you can effectively shift weapons from battle to battle.
And keep in mind such an important factor as Crafting when you compare different weapons. For example, a balanced 1-handed weapon might be better for a high-Dex build, while a balanced 2-handed weapon would be best for a low-Dex build.


Armor and helmets:
Lightened - increases armor's action point cap and decreases dodge and stalk penalties
Hardened - increased armor's damage resistance.
Reinforced - Improved against criticals.

Balanced (also applicable to bows): decreases action points you need to spend on an attack by 1
Sharpened: a +1 - +3 bonus against opponent armor's damage resistance
Masterwork: weapon created with exceptional damage characteristics
Metal works: improvement of material the weapon was made of.

Imbue weapon (or arrow) with liquid fire.
Imbue weapon (or arrow) with poison.

- To make use of crafting well you need to develop the skill well - the more skill points you invest the better items your can forge or upgrade.

- The same concerns use of the alchemy skill: to create a decent (or a working) bomb, greek fire, poison or acid you need to increase the skill very well: the more skill points invested the more effect these things will have against opponents.

- In AoD weapon skills are synergized: if you are excellent with dagger, you're also good with sword and spear, and ok with hammer and axe as well; if you you are good with bow you are also ok with crossbow and throwing. Thanks to skill synergy there is perhaps merely a 10-25 point difference (that's excl. bonus you get from specific weapons you wield, which ranges from +5 to +20). This difference is not that essential so you can use other weapons really effectively when necessary.

- You can get training in using specific weapons from NPCs: in one of the game's prewied snapshots there is "Dagger Mastery" trait.

- High perception stat would give you extra THC with all weapons, so you can save SP well for other skills. Like, one of my deadliest sword+dagger fighters in the Demo had perception 10 (+20% to THC), 153 Sword skill and 128 dagger skill (plus +20 bonuses from wielded weapons), and 300 dodge skill.

- So far I don't see any reasons to increase weapon skills over 200-220 for a 4 perception/9-10 strength spear (or potentially alchemy) focused build, neither for a critical strike focused build, neither for a dodge focused build. Perhaps block builds w/ heavy shields and heavy helmet wielders would need to increase it further to compensate for penalties.

- Finally, combat skills are only one of the keys in AoD so they can be kept at a surviving minimum.

Some figures on weapons:

[All for BRONZE BALANCED @ 120 skill level, Power attack]

Spears: (@ 145 skill level)
Hasta: 5-12 @ 4, fast 2-5, 42%
Dori 2h: 6-15 @ 5, fast 3-9, 42%
Romach 2h: 6-17 @ 5, fast 3-7, 42%
Trident 2h: 10-20 @ 6, fast 5-14, 40%
Krokspar 2h: 10-24 @ 6, fast 5-10, 40%

Knopesh: 5-11 @ 4, 35% critical, fast 2-6
Gladius: 5-13 @ 4, 35% critical, fast 2-4
Shamshir: 6-15 @ 5, 30% critical, fast 3-9, normal 3-12
Handar: 6-17 @5, 30% critical, fast 3-7, normal 3-12
Scimitar 2h: 10-22 + 1 @ 6, 20% critical, 20% splits, fast 5-12 + 1

Zaghnal: 5-11 + 1 @ 4, 23% splits, fast 2-6
Sceggox: 5-13 +1 @ 4, 23% splits, fast 2-4
Mineb: 6-16 + 1 @ 5, 28% splits, fast 3-8 + 1, normal 3-12 + 1
Shadhavar 2h: 10-20 + 1 @ 6, 31% splits, fast 5-14 + 1
Labrys 2h: 10-24 + 1 @ 6, 31% splits, fast 5-10 + 1

Jambia: 3-8 @ 3, 40% pierce, fast 1-3, normal 1-6
Sefet: 3-9 @ 3, 40% pierce, fast 1-2
Pugio: 3-10 @ 3, 40% pierce, fast 1-1
Khajar: 5-11 @ 4, 35% pierce, fast 2-6 (25% pierce)
Yatagan: 5-13 @ 4, 35% pierce, fast 2-4

Marculus: 5-12 @ 4, 13% knock
Spiked club: 6-15 @ 5, 18% knock, normal 3-12
Mallet: 6-17 @ 5, 18% knock, normal 3-12
Sledgehammer 2h: 10-20 @ 6, 21% knock, 20% splits, fast 5-14, normal 6-18
Warhammer 2h: 10-24 @ 6, 21% knock, 20% splits, fast 5-10, normal 6-18

(@ 24 skill level, not balanced)
Karda: 3-8 @ 4, 15% pierce, fast 1-3
Plumbata: 3-9 @ 4, 15% pierce, fast 1-2
Pilum: 5-11 @ 5, 10% pierce, 30% shield pierce, fast 2-4
Chakram: 5-12 @ 5, 5% pierce, fast 2-6
Handox: 5-13 @ 5, 5% pierce, 20% splits, fast 2-5

I guess any weapon has pros and cons, depending on your stats and your tactics.

Age Of Decadence - Fallout in Ancient Rome's setting - is one of my most awaited for game releases in 2010.

The game is strongly recommended to the fans of
Fallout 1&2, Baldur's Gate 1&2, Planescape: Torment, Arcanum, Wizardry Series, Might & Magic series, Realms of Arkania, Spiderweb Software games, Daggerfall, Vampire series, SW: KOTOR, Ultima series, Knights Of The Chalice, Rings Of Power etc.

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ORwarriOR is being born *updated Dec 20 2009*

Dec. 3rd, 2009 | 12:45 pm


"The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR" pre-order is available

ORwarriOR CD covers:

Regular edition:

Special edition (includes DVD):
More details about the DVD: www.aheavenyoumaycreate.com/

The "Sapari" single out now!

Sapari lyrics:

סַפְּרִי תַמָּה תְמִימָה סַפְּרִי נָגִיל בְּתֵימָא
בַּת מְלָכִים הַחֲכָמָה אָן מְקוֹמֵךְ סַפְּרִי לִי
עָנְתָה יוֹנָה סְעַדְיָה לִי בְּפַלְטֵרִין עֲלִיָּה
וַאֲנִי תּוֹךְ לֵב אֳנִיָּה בַּיְּפִי עוֹטָה מְעִילִי

[Sapari tama temima sapari nagil beteima
bat melokhim hakhahoma on mekomekh sapari li
anta yona se-adya li befaletrin aliyah
va'ani tokh lev aniyah beyofi ota me'ili]

It soared from the ark the dove within me
It sings forever, it flies free
I call to thee my torch in darkness, thou art born
Ornaments of gold shine so bright
You are the way, you are the light
I dwell in this my shelter and thy birth do I foresee

Source: www.orphaned-disciples.org/site/lang/en/2009/12/01/cover-artwork-of-orwarrior/

ORwarriOR's official trailer:

My musical analysis of the trailer:
0:00-0:20 - Shlomit's (Ofra Hamza's) beautiful Zur Menati (intro) plus Amasefferish atmospheric effects;
0:20-0:29 - "From Broken Vessels", guitar and keys and vocals sound 100% like Steven Wilson's stuff;
0:29-0:44 - Mabool is back;
0:44-1:03 - Mabool is really back;
1:03-1:15 "From Broken Vessels" again;
1:15-1:43 - the richest rendition of "Sapari" featuring wonderful Shlomit's voice and Arabic violin.

Part I: Godfrey's Cordial – An ORphan's Life

"The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR" track list:

01. Sapari
02. From Broken Vessels
03. Bereft In The Abyss
04. The Path Part 1 – Treading Through Darkness
05. The Path Part 2 – The Pilgrimage To Or Shalem
06. Olat Ha'tamid

Part II: Lips Acquire stains – The WarriOR Awakens

07. The Warrior
08. His Leaf Shall Not Wither
09. Disciples Of The Sacred Oath II
10. New Jerusalem
11. Vayehi Or
12. M I ?

Part III: Barakah – Enlightening The Cimmerian

13. Barakah
14. Codeword: uprising
15. In Thy Never Ending Way (Epilogue)

-> ORwarriOR release date available: http://www.orphaned-disciples.org/site/lang/en/2009/11/12/lifting-the-veil-off-orwarrior/ Many thanks to Morticia aka Nathalie ;) <-

That's January 25 2010 in Europe, January 27 in Japan, February 9 in the US.

-> The album will be released with a DVD. The DVD will feature exclusive videos from ORwarriOR studio sessions!
-> Release of the album will be delayed until Christmas 2009 - January 2010.

A big and inspiring recent interview with Orphaned Land's Kobi Farhi here:

Many thanks to the Orphaned Disciples fan club and personally to Nathalie.

-> Orphaned Land pictures from studio on FaceBook:
-> ORwarriOR will evidently feature a Turkish rock'n'roll star Erkin Koray.

ORwarriOR Intro ("Baraka"?) teaser:

Latest updates from Orphaned Land:
According to interviews wih Kobi Farhi (http://www.orphaned-disciples.org/site/):

-> The album will contain around 15 songs (79 minutes).
-> The album's artwork won't contain any photoshopped images.
-> The album's artwork will contain customly designed calligraphy in Arabic AND Hebrew.
-> On ORwarriOR Kobi Farhi will sing in English, Hebrew and Arabic.
-> Kobi Farhi's book "A Tango Between God and Satan" is almost ready. He may finish it in 2009-2010 tours. The release date in not known.

-> ORwarriOR's final mixes are (almost) ready (by mid August).
-> Several songs from the new material were performed live at Brutal Assault festival (06/08/09, Czech Republic).
-> Besides "Sapari" (see below) some of ORwarriOR songs' titles might be "Baraka" and "From Broken Vessels".
-> The album will also include a "follow-up" to a track previously released on "El Nora Alila: Deluxe edition" (2006) "Disciples of the Sacred Oath" - "Disciples of the Sacred Oath II". Kobi Farhi mentioned that this song is his favorite song on ORwarriOR.

(Source: http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/orphaned-land/505686-brutal-assault.html)

(efreisto to Dreamcell for this great OL logo animation!)

A great update from Orphaned Land

Updates from official band's forum

  • ORwarriOR-related recordings are going to be around 78 (!) minutes total.

  • Some rumours (a student of OL's drummer Avi Diamond) said the "Sapari" single may be released earlier, around August.

  • Orphaned Land is recording a cover of a Turkish song "Estarabim" (originally by Erkin Koray), but it will hardly be released on ORwarriOR due to large amount of material. The band often performed "Estarabim" at their concerts in Turkey.

  • Almost 40% of Kobi's vocals were recorded by May 2: mainly clean vocals, oriental chants and readings. Growling vocals will also be extensively used on ORwarriOR.

  • Abraham Salman (also featured on "Sahara" and "El Norra Alila") will play kannun on ORwarriOR.

  • Avi Diamond returned to the band to record drum parts for the album. Steven Wilson will play keyboards on the album.

  • The album will feature the Middle Eastern instruments of the saz, the oud, the bouzouki, the choombush (cumbus mandolin), Persian Santur and the oriental flutes Nay and Kawala, Shafor (ram horn, traditional in Judaism).

  • "ORwarriOR" will contain some traditional synagogue songs re-arranged by the band.

  • The album will feature several violinists playing in an Arabic manner.

  • "The warrior of light is each and every one of us, every listener of the album is the album's hero, you can say that there is in a way a sequence to Mabool, though ORwarriOR is far from being some kind of "Mabool vol 2", musically speaking." (Kobi Farhi)

  • By March 20, 2009 the band recorded: 95% drums, 95% guitars, 80% of the acoustic instruments (acoustic/classical guitars, saz, bouzouki, choombush). The sections to be recorded are the remainder of all of the above mentioned, violins and piano, percussions, qannun (oriental "gusli"), the vocals of Kobi Farhi, Yossi Sassi, and Shlomit Levi, and keyboards played by Steven Wilson, who also is in charge of mixing.

  • According to a March 29 update, the band recorded all drum, bass and guitar parts, classical piano parts (played by Avner Gavrieli, a friend of the band), and had recording sessions with Nazareth orchestra.

  • Ethnic percussion instruments to be used: darbukas, Pakistani percussions, castanets etc. Some percussion instruments will be performed by Avi Agababa.

  • "We wanted to cover Cohen's "First we take manhattan" on this recordings but we have too many songs to record now, so it is delayed. Covering the Cohen is something I'll do for sure someday." (Kobi Farhi)

  • In the past, Orphaned Land were considering covering "The Nomad" by Iron Maiden. They might record this cover one day.

  • On ORwarriOR Kobi will perform some song(s) in Arabic.


[edit] The meaning of the song "Sapari"

On March 9, 2009 Kobi Farhi mentioned on the band's official forum that:

  • "Sapari" was written in the 17th century by Sa'adia ben Amram, in Yemen.

  • The song is sung half in Hebrew, half in Yemenite.

  • The basic idea of the song is that the poet is having a dialog with his soul, "Sapari" means - "Tell me" in Hebrew.

  • The poet asks his inner spirit to tell him where "she" is while he is in Yemen, the soul answers that she is in the high heavens, inside the heart of a ship, wearing her coat of beauty, and the dialog goes on.

  • On a conceptual level of the new album - just as the poet meant, the warrior is having a dialog with his soul before coming into our darkend life.

  • "Sapari" will be the opener of the new album and the first single.


I was the one who put this info to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORWarriOR
But it was removed from Wiki - I guess they cannot refer to forums.

A small fragment from percussion recording sessions:

Fragments of the song "Sapari":

Live performance of "Sapari" (Tel-Aviv)

Live performance of "Estarabim":

Source: www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/orphaned-land/472194-orphaned-land-recording-orwarrior-diary-studio.html

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My musical preferences.

Oct. 28th, 2009 | 01:05 am

Liquid Tension Experiment, J. S. Bach, Tony Levin, Jordan Rudess, W. A. Mozart, John Petrucci, A. Vivaldi, Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater, California Guitar Trio, Niacin, Joe Satriani, L. Beethoven, Rakhmaninov, Haggard, Sviridov, Estatic Fear, ApocalypticA, Wagner, Yanni Hrisomallis, Loreena McKennitt, Steve Morse, Wolf Hoffman, Orphaned Land, Sepultura (90ies), Secret Garden, Pantera, Jesse Cook, Bugotak, Jacques Loussier Trio, The Cranberries, Shlomit Levi, Kyrgyz music, ethno/folk/tribal/world music, new-age/neo-classics, ethereal, flamenco, UneXpect, Emilia Autumn, Diablo Swing Orchestra, symphonic/atmospheric doom, thrash metal, art rock, jazz/fusion, avantgarde metal, arrangements of classics, Forest Stream, Altan Urag, Rodrigo y Gabriela, tributes to Metallica, symphonic, folk and jazz arrangements of metal, Vas, Irfan, Kopruler, Myriads, Chalice, Iron Maiden, sXe hardcore, Frozen Throne, Arcane Grail, Narsilion, Adorned Brood, Dead Can Dance, Blackmore's Night, oriental metal, Gregorian, Armenian music, Persian music, Kevin Moore, Arab music, Yemeni Music, Jewish music, The Doors, The Moon and The Nightspirit, God Is An Astronaut, Bryats Band, Beliy Den', Richard Cheese, The Merlons of Nehemiah, Morgenstern, Yasmin Levy, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Graveworm, Therion, Shroud of Bereavement, Azam Ali, Rise Against, Bol'shoy Detskiy Hor, Räfven, klezmer music, Atargatis, Dolapdere Big Gang, Aghora, Amaseffer, Shostakovich, Australian indigenous music, African indigenous music, post-rock, intellectual dance music, athentic medieval music, shamanic music, Sami music, Siberian music, throat singing, opera (Verdi, Bizet), Bolivar music, Serbian music, Macedonian music, Bosnian music, authentic music of India, Buddha lounge, meditative music, Corde Oblique, Adygean music, Yasmin Levy, reggae, Bob Marley, Olafur Arnalds, Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov, Stanton Moore, The Boys Of Country Nashville,  Hang drum, The Shin, Sungha Jung,  Al Qaynah, User Ne...

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